Advantages of Crown-type tool turret

Crown-type tool turret which with the art of engineering science has special function such as revolution, position, etc.

Our crown-type turret not only with high performance but also can be applied to universally fields.

Main function:

1.    High-speed position and exchanging of tool holders

2.    Flexible and simple resetting device

3.    Driven with single servo motor

4.    Easy to recover when have a crash

Crown-type tool turret is universally applied in automobile industry and aircraft industry.

SAUTER Crown-type tool turret can be fixed at most 8 separate tool holders and multi tools.

Particularly, the SAUTER Crown-type tool turret is achievable in saving time, improving efficiency and enhance capacity.

Other advantages:

High speed and high output

It is easy to recover the position when have a crash, due to the inside clutch and tool setting device.

We use it on our crown-type turret economic taping and milling machine center instead of vertical machine center VMC850. So that our machine is more competitive and economic.

QB860 is very efficient and economic faucet making machine as well. it is good at  threading , tapping , drilling and milling.

It is innovated  by economic CNC machine manufacturer in 2018.