Maintenance of CNC machine tool during holidays

Some tips about long time machine halt during the vocation

1.Use required type of grease or slide way oil to add to all axis or to lubricate fully. Make full movement of axis, fully lubricating ball screw and slide surface, and then stop XYZ-axis around the center of the travel.

2.Please not leave hilt in spindle including crown-type tool turret.

Because there is fluid left on the taper face of spindle and hilt. The taper surface of hilt and spindle may stick to each other. After taking hilt off, clean the taper of spindle and daub antirust oil onto the taper of hilt and spindle.

3.The surface of workbench and fixture may get rust, so they need to be daubed with antirust oil and lubricate.

4.Make sure whether there is battery alarm icon on the lower right corner of screen or not

If there is battery alarm icon, without changing battery immediately, the data such processing program and machine tool parameters may lost after long time power failure when start up the machine again. Please exchange batteries regularly. Make sure whether battery insertion and contact is right a week before long time machine halt. (If you not sure the exchanging time, please exchange battery before vocation to avoid the losing of origin.)

5.If you worry about the data such processing program and machine tool parameters lost, please copy machine tool parameters to computer or U disk in advance.

6.Clean up the cover plate of XZ-axis and swarf produced in process.

7.After clean the swarf in cooler bin, please consider the preservation method of coolant. (suck out all of the coolant and make sure its concentration, PH value )

8.Clean up the cooling fan stuck with impurities such as swarf and coolant. (Please make sure if the cooling fan is intact or not)

9.Please exhaust the water in the water ejector fixed on machine and then close total air valve.

10.Please keep electrical cabinet dry, and add desiccant if it’s necessary to avoid the damp damage of electronic components during the long time machine halt.

Some tips need to be confirmed when the  CNC machine electrify again after long time machine halt

1.Please avoid start the machine halt for a long time in high speed.

In automatic mode, make a full movement in a low speed ( over 15 minutes) and then return to the original point. After long time machine halt, please not return to the original point immediately when the machine is electrifying. Besides, please take notice of the interference of spindle and each axis and fixture.

2.Make the running-in operating of spindle, beginning from 100 round, and increasing slowly to maximum speed. Then low down slowly to 100 round. (The progress of running-in operating is suppose to be over 15 minutes.)

3.Please confirm whether the cooling and exhaust fan on the regenerative resistance box mounted on the spindle motor, inside and outside the control box, and the control box word orderly.

4.Please make a good internal circulation of the coolant in the machine and confirm the index of the cooling tank (concentration, pH value, deteriorate or not?)

5.Please confirm that the machine tool level is in conformity with the requirements. If the conditions are allowed, please confirm whether the accuracy of the machine tools is qualified. While handling first piece, please confirm slowly the coordinate positioning.