What is a roll grinder for faucet production?

Roll grinder can be used to produce faucets and glasses. The overall layout adopts a structure in which the workpiece bed and carriage bed are separated. It is suitable for grinding work rolls and backup rolls on roll machines in the metallurgical industry, and rolls and rollers on paper machines in the papermaking industry. Various pressure rollers in the rubber industry, various metal rollers and non-metal pressure rollers in the printing and dyeing industry, etc.

This machine tool can complete the following tasks:

(1)Grinding cylindrical shape

(2)Grinding roller surfaces with convex or concave surfacesMain features of machine tools

1. The overall layout of the machine tool adopts a separated structure, which can avoid the impact of the deformation of the grinding wheel bed on the machining accuracy caused by the weight of the workpiece.

2. The bed is designed using the finite element method, with reasonable rib layout, and HT300 high-grade high-quality gray cast iron is selected as the material.

3. The head frame is driven by a high-performance DC motor, which has the characteristics of large starting torque and good low-speed performance.

4. The tailstock is composed of an upper and lower body. The double-layer tailstock is convenient for adjusting the horizontal accuracy of the two centers. The tailstock is equipped with an electronic display instrument for the workpiece holding force, which is convenient for observing the workpiece holding force. At the same time, according to the weight of the workpiece and the center Angle, you can choose the appropriate holding force.

5. The grinding wheel frame is one of the core components of the roll grinder. Its rotation accuracy and motion stability directly affect the grinding quality of the workpiece surface. Our company's grinding wheel frame draws on the best of others and introduces and absorbs advanced foreign manufacturing technology. Therefore, the grinding wheel frame of the roll grinder produced by our company has reached the domestic advanced level and is close to the international advanced level.

6. The guide rail of the large carriage has a V-flat structure and adopts plastic-coated static pressure technology. The movement of the large carriage has good low-speed movement characteristics, which can effectively eliminate crawling, with high movement accuracy and no wear.