What is a large horizontal lathe machine for making faucets?

This machine tool can undertake a variety of turning work, production faucets, etc., not only can turn a variety of parts of the outer circle, inner hole, end face and metric, inch, modulus and diameter thread, etc., but also to meet the drilling, boring, nesting and other process requirements, but also suitable for cemented carbide tools for strong cutting, processing a variety of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. In addition, this machine tool can also be used to cut the cone of the motor vehicle, and the upper tool holder can be motorized to turn the cone bus < 400mm cone, and the upper tool holder and the slide plate can be driven to the cone of the ≥ 400mm.The machine tool is equipped with a separate oil pump, forced lubrication, as well as fast moving, terminal insurance, fixed range cutting, the machine tool has the internal characteristics of high power, high speed, low noise, strong rigidity, high precision and good accuracy retention, and has beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable layout, centralized operation handle, convenient and flexible operation. In addition, the machine has complete accessories, and some accessories such as roller device, cone device, digital display device, milling head, grinding head and other accessories can also be provided.