The common fault classification and analysis method of CNC machine tools

1.Classification by location of the fault

(1)Mainframe failure: The mainframe of a CNC machine tool usually refers to the mechanical, lubrication, cooling, chip removal, hydraulic, pneumatic and protective components that make up the CNC machine. Common faults are:

1)Mechanical transmission faults caused by improper assembly or commissioning of mechanical components, improper operation or others.

2)Faults due to interference of moving parts such as guide rails and spindles, excessive friction and so on.

3)Faults due to damage to mechanical parts, poor connection, etc.

Mainframe failures are mainly caused by large transmission noise, poor process accuracy, large running resistance, mechanical parts movement, mechanical parts damage, and so on. Poor lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic system piping blockage and poor sealing are common causes of host failure. Shentu Automation focus on economic innovation CNC machine such as Multi- spindle CNC faucet peeling machine, 6-cutters crown-type turret taping center, vertical machine center, CNC acetate eyewear processing machine. We offer 12 month warranty for all parts of the machines.

(2) The electrical control system fails from the type of component used. According to the usual habits, electrical control system faults are usually divided into two categories: “weak power” faults and “strong power” faults.

1) The “weak power” part refers to the control part mainly composed of electronic components and integrated circuits in the control system. The weak parts of CNC machine tools include CNC, PLC, MDI/CRT, servo drive unit, and output unit.

2) "Weak current" faults are divided into hardware faults and software faults. A hardware failure refers to a failure of an integrated circuit chip, a discrete electronic component, a connector, and an external connection component of each of the above components. Software failure refers to faults such as actions, data loss, etc. that occur under normal hardware conditions. Common problems include: processing program errors, system program and parameter changes or loss, computer operation errors, etc.

3) The "strong current" part refers to the main circuit of the control system or the relay, contactor, switch, fuse, power transformer, motor, electromagnet, travel switch and other electrical components and the control circuit composed of them. Although this part of the fault maintenance, diagnosis is more convenient, but because it is in high voltage, high current working state, the probability of failure is higher than the "weak current" part. Maintenance personnel must be given enough attention.

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