Main parts of CNC machine

1, the power system

The control power supply of CNC machine tools is an important part of the hardware of the CNC system, and it is also a part of the problems that often occur in maintenance. The power supply system of CNC machine tools has two parts: AC and DC. Also have to mention the battery power. Since some information in the numerical control device is to be maintained in the case of a machine power failure, some of the dynamic memory areas are battery-held for data retention. Most of these batteries are lithium batteries, which have a long life but a small amount of power. This part of the battery can also be replaced by a normal battery by lowering the voltage to the desired voltage value. The battery must be replaced when it is powered on, otherwise the data will be lost. This is different from the usual practice, but be careful not to cause a short circuit when replacing.

In the power system, there is also a key device, that is, the voltage regulator device that controls the voltage, and the repair problem often occurs.

2, control system

The control system referred to herein is the unit and the means of communication of each unit involved in the process of signal generation, processing, transmission and execution in the index control device. Our fully automatic eyewear  CNC machine, acetate eyewear temple carving machine is using Syntec controller, Our crown type turret tool taping machine is using Weihong controller. 

3, independent unit

A stand-alone unit is a part that can be combined with other parts of the system in a simple adaptation relationship. For example, motors, rotational speed sensors, tape readers, operation panels, etc.