Advantages of Chinese CNC machine in eyewear manufacture

Several obvious advantages of CNC machining in acetate eyewear manufacture:

1 A large reduction in the number of tooling, processing complex shapes of parts does not require complex tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.

2 The processing quality is stable, the processing precision is high, the repeating precision is high. Especially Shinehao CNC machine for eyewear manufacture is most intelligent in the field. If any issue happens, the machine will stop and alarm. so that we can ensure 99% qualified eyewears. 

3.CNC machine improve the eyewear capacity and efficiency as well.Our  actate eyewear making CNC machine  is most intelligent in the optical field.It is dual workable and double efficiency of other Chinese eyewear CNC machine, one piece in a minute. The production efficiency is higher  if the order quantity per model is bigger, which can reduce the time of programming, tuning machine, machine tool adjustment and process inspection.

4 It can process complex profiles that are difficult to machine by conventional methods, and even process unprocessable parts.

5.Chinese  eyewear making CNC machine is less than half cost of Italian ones. Italian client visited our factory and said our machine is very cheap but work as well as Italian machines. Cos our innovation is from our rich eyewear manufacturing experience. It is a revolution of eyewear making machine