Main Features: 1.With functions of drilling, tapping, cutting to process glass mold, clamping box-shape and cavities. 2.With one-piece bed holder in horizontal structure. 3. Two working units - equipped with 3 linear bearings and 2 rotating shafts for each working unit. And equipped with clamping parts and 16/24-workstation mechanical arm tool for each working unit, to machine two same or different workpieces at the same time. 4. There are 5 axis and 3-axis linked control for each working unit to drill, mill, tap multi-step processing as well as for inclined hole and slant. Application Scope: CNC Double-workstation Horizontal Machining Center is designed for processing glass mold industry, with high speed and rigidity. It provides the operation of drilling, tapping, cutting as well as cutting in deep hole with high speed, which is widely used for the industries of auto parts, reducer shell mold, hardware, etc.

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