Model: DMK80/DMK110 Main Features: 1. High-speed and precision spindle, with big bore and rigidity. 2. Adapted imported precision angular contact bearing. 3. With independent spindle, servo configuration, large torque in low speed, wide range of cutting. 4. Width matrix guide and long span, bed guide way is hardened and profile ground. 5. Bed saddle is coated with plastic, no creep in low speed operating. 6. No-gap motion of ball screw, keyless connection. 7. With direct drive spindle, automatic intermittent lubrication. 8. With armour-protected vehicle. Application Scope: DMK80/DMK110 is designed for processing big rotating parts, and disc-parts, especially for the wheel hub of electromoble and automobile, automobile brake disc, motor hood, gear blank, and automotive suspension shell. etc.

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