An All-in-one Lock case machine is suitable for the working parts of bars, extruded bars, and pipes. It adopts a multi-channel numerical control system servo motor to drive the rotating workbench, and the workbench drives 8 tooling synchronous fixtures to work at the same time, which is highly efficient. It is equipped with a brushless servo motor, a central encoder position control, a locking workbench with a hydraulic brake, a hydraulic automatic clamping device fixture, a drilling tapping power head, an electric spindle cross slide table power head and a drilling power head. PLC numerical control programming control system is simple and convenient to operate. This machine has multi-process synchronous processing, stable quality, and can replace multiple ordinary equipment. One person can operate 3-5 devices at the same time, which saves time and effort improves efficiency, and reduces costs for enterprises. Processing range: 40mm-130mm) Mechanical power: 72kw Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa Oil pressure: 2-8Mpa Automatic delivery---blanking--- cutting---drilling---flat end surface (both ends)--- LOGO molding (both ends)---Cut into the middle groove---drilling small holes,tapping---drilling left marble hole---drilling right marble hole---large hole burr---middle groove left and right chamfering---marble hole burring---automatic blanking.