multi-spindle carving and milling machine applications

Multi-spindle carving and milling machine is widely used CNC machine.

1.It is widely used in faucet manufacturing industry, especially to peel the the casted brass faucet body. so we call it faucet peeling machine as well. It is a very important faucet making machine nowadays.We offer 4spindle, 6spindle and 8spindle ones.

Because it has advantages as follow:

  • Replace the traditional manual faucet polishing machine.
  • After CNC engraving and milling process, every faucet will be in the same shape with high precision.
  • The metal dust peeled by our CNC machine can be 100% recycled at a higher price.
  • Without environmental pollution, it also ensures the health of workers.
  • One worker can handle several machines at the same time. The efficiency is greatly raised, and the intensity of labor is decreased. 


2.4axis multi-spindle carving and milling machine is widely used wooden crafts carving and pipe carving.

   such as metal pen pipe carving, wooden buddest, wooden or bamboo stationery or home accessory. so we call it pipe carving machine too.

3. It can be used for the products which can be processed by one tool cutter.

   such as heat sink in the picture.then we can call it heat sink making machine.