Comparison and selection of the differences between the bamboo hat tool library and the circular tool library in CNC machining centers, faucet peeling making machine and eyewear making machines

The CNC machining center faucet peeling making machine and eyewear making machines tool library is used to store cutting tools and is one of the main components in the automatic tool changing device. According to the number of tools stored in the tool magazine and the method of tool retrieval, the tool magazine can be designed into different types. The common types of knife libraries are bamboo hat knife libraries and disc knife libraries.  
Bamboo hat knife magazine: The tool change action is completed by moving up and down the spindle. When the tool on the spindle enters the slot of the tool magazine, the spindle moves upwards and disengages from the tool, causing the tool magazine to rotate. When the tool to be replaced is aligned directly below the spindle, the spindle moves downwards, allowing the tool to enter the spindle taper hole. After clamping the tool, the tool magazine returns to its original position.  CNC machining center bamboo hat tool library  
  Advantages: The tool magazine has a simple structure, low requirements for the surrounding environment, and a low failure rate. Affordable price.  
Disadvantages: Tool changing takes up time and is inefficient. Affects the working stroke of the spindle.  
  The disc tool library, also known as the robotic arm tool library