Automation improves CNC machine industry devolopment

Intelligent CNC machine tools are highly praised by users' technology, production and management personnel. Based on independent technology and based on Internet technology, they bring intelligent products and experiences to customers, leading the development direction of the future machine tool industry and promoting the new development of CNC machine tool industry.

The success of intelligent CNC machine tools makes cloud manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing possible. At present, the global manufacturing industry is facing the same dilemma. The traditional production, manufacturing, sales and profit models have obviously not adapted to the requirements of personalized customization, precise marketing and deeper embedded cooperation under the Internet economy.

Judging from the new trend of the development of the world's equipment manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing based on the Internet is the fundamental way out in the future. The CNC machine tool industry should firmly grasp the "only use, only new" research and development concept, master the core technology of CNC machine tools, rely on the Internet platform, and make "smart CNC machine tool system" and "smart machine tool" through intelligent machine tools and the Internet. The platform and carrier focus on the intelligent manufacturing and networked intelligent engineering and services based on the Internet, thus greatly promoting the development of the CNC machine tool industry.

The CNC machine tool industry should transform to a service-oriented manufacturer. CNC machine tool builders not only sell products, but also innovate new business models. By selling the value of machine tools, they charge a fee for the unit time of the CNC machine. At the same time, we provide production and operation services to customers, so that enterprises, customers, suppliers and financial institutions form a collection of interests.

At the same time, the social scattered manufacturing resources will be integrated to realize the optimal allocation of manufacturing resources, change the traditional large-scale, cluster-based production methods, and achieve low-cost, high-efficiency, hierarchical distributed intelligent manufacturing, so that producers and users bid farewell to product sales. The simple relationship has enhanced the "stickiness" of both sides and deep-seated embedded development, thereby opening up new business models and enhancing the space and height of the development of the CNC machine tool industry.